Well, let me tell you something and keep that in mind: the world went nuts! Why? Let´s consider a few things:

There was a time in which we all would feel sorry for beggars who crow on the floor seeking for things we just throw away. Sad views that I always thought it couldn´t get worse. But it did!

In Pakistan somebody dressed like a beggar just blew himself straight to hell taking as many as he could with him. Perhaps, from this day on they will simply say: give me some money or I´ll blow you!

Meanwhile in Brazil, the police which is the kind of institution most of the people should be proud of are actually doing some pretty nasty things. They steal, blackmail, beat and kill people just like the worse criminals. Maybe they should just cut the crap and say: here is the police, get on the ground, gimme that wallet and hush yo mouth.

But that´s not all. There was a time when parents would dream about having their children in the universities but perhaps not in USA where all the fun of going to the Uni became pretty much like a trip to Iraq: you never know if you´re going to get back alive!

Now, what about the japs? Decent and hard working people who recently started learning throughout courses widespread in the nation how to say something the vast majority of us forgot long ago which is: I love you.

Well, good luck to you all! Here in the west we used to say and mean that but now they became empty words. Perhaps you japs are luckier than we were!

So, in the end, what is left after all? Well, there are the Norwegians. You see, they came with some rather fancy idea about a doomsday seed storage in Svalbard to store all sorts of seeds in case a catastrophic event takes place like atomic war, asteroid strike etc.

Considering what´s going on in the world listed here, I find that a great idea with one remark: why not send some humans to this doomsday stuff they have up there? It would be nice to know that mankind is also preserved. But no! Remember we forgot long ago how to say “I love you”? So, it doesn´t surprise me we forgot to put humans on the doomsday storage. The thought just occurred to me.

Maybe we should send the japs to Svalbard with some good manuals about how to say “I love you” and lock them up inside that darn thing. Who knows, maybe someday after we have killed each other until the last of our kind, some good green guys come down here, open the arc and hear the japs saying altogether: WE LOVE YOU!

You could say I have some rather strange ideas and I will most likely agree with you but remember; these are strange times! If you didn´t get my point, then you must be a beggar in Pakistan, a cop in Brazil, a crazy student in USA…

Frederico Felix

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Moreno Rocha disse...

Hi there, Fred!
So you got the point flawlessly. The first time I heard about those "I-love-you-schools" happening in Japan, I started thinking we're getting more and more crazy and with no boundaries on our willing to have everything under our controls, even when it's clearly OUT of it. The doomsday storage silo in Svalbard just comes in to confirm all the nonsense we're going to. The only way out is really getting to someone and saying I love you, with no expectations or anything like that. Now I feel even better because I do that often, at least I try hard to :D !